September 2017 - January 2018


The Brief

The task was to investigate what is happening on the cutting edge of a chosen technology. Research who is doing what, how they're doing it and why? By looking at a range of competitors we can analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

We were tasked with predicting where the chosen technology may be going, be able to suggest new and innovative ways that the technology could be used, and design a prototype to demonstrate the concept. To accompany the prototype, a promotional video was created to highlight key features and show off the prototype.

Alongside the deliverables, we were also required to present numerous times throughout project to demonstrate the concept and show our progress.

The Solution

For my research I mapped out my hobbies & interests and found that the gym was something I'd like to focus on. From there I looked at current technology trends and things such as IoT (Internet of things) and wearable technology stood out the most. I began looking at competitors and analysing what worked and what didn't work for them. Because the brief asked to look at the cutting edge technology, I had a look at technology that could relate to my concept.

From my sketching and development, I came up with the brand 'Boost'. It is a gym application with an aim towards beginners to guide them and improve their ability in the gym, as well as boost their confidence. Accompanying the app is links to smart watches and fitness trackers, which can relay any notifications from the app, creating a seamless & efficient system for the user. Even though the main user was beginners, the app could be used by all levels of experience.

In the future, I will be revisiting Boost and reframing it in a new direction, hoping to give the brand a new purpose that could hopefully be more successful.

The Document

Click the button below to view the document created for this project. The document shows the full process from researching & concept development, all the through to the final designs and mockups.

Promotional Video

Showcase Material