Global Warning

January 2017 - April 2017

Global Warning

The Brief

This brief had 2 options to choose from: an audio/visual piece designed for projection in a public place, or a sensor-based interface to allow users to interact with an audio-visual environment. I chose the latter.

The project could be based on a physical-computing model using tools such as the Arduino system or a motion tracking experience using the Gesture and Media System (GAMS). The project's outcome should not be simply a mouse driven computer application, therefore some innovation in tangible user interfaces would be needed.

I chose the second brief as I enjoy coding, especially learning new programming languages and felt like I would enjoy creating a hands-on interactive product.

The Solution

My solution to the brief is an interactive exhibition. It is an education physical product, aimed towards teaching school children about global warming. The aim of the product is to get users engaged in real-life issues and hopefully learn about important issues in an informal setting.

The product is an interactive globe with touch points in different geographical areas. Each area, when touched, displays an informative video on a screen through a projection. In my prototype there is 6 different countries to touch. The prototype has been made with Arduino and processing. The coding was definitely the most difficult part of the project as I came across many problems displaying the video, as well as cross-over from double touching.

The Document

Click the button below to view the document created for this project. The document shows the full process from researching & concept development, all the through to the final designs and mockups.

Promotional Video