Sage Flow

October 2016 - January 2017

Sage Flow

The Brief

In October 2016, our class was given a live brief from Sage One. We were paired up and my partner was Dominic Lobban. The brief was to pitch a concept for the ‘next generation’ of Sage One employee management and payroll software. We would need to identify the key user needs, consider a number of features and solutions, then determine which are the most desirable to users and finally arrive at a solution to pitch.

The concept would need to appeal to small business owners employing less than 20 people. We would need to deliver an online blog, an interactive digital prototype of the project, a design document and a statement of critical reflection for the project.

The Solution

From the word go, me and Dom had no real idea about payroll or how the payroll system worked so needed to look in to existing products and services for payroll. From doing extensive research into existing products as well as talking to staff and managers, we got a better idea of what we wanted to design. Conceptually we came up with 3 ideas to cover all areas of the payroll and staff management. After feedback, we merge all the concepts together in to a full suite of 3 apps. A desktop application and a mobile application for managers and a mobile application for staff members. The features included on the manger apps were more focused around payroll as opposed to focusing more around shift management on the staff app.

We tied all of the apps together with a set of brand guidelines and branded the full suite as ‘Sage Flow’, to be part of the Sage applications. To best demonstrate the applications, we create a set of prototypes to best outline interactive features and bring the designs to life.

The Document

Click the button below to view the document created for this project. The document shows the full process from researching & concept development, all the through to the final designs and mockups.

Promotional Video