That's A Wrap!

September 2016 - January 2017

thats a wrap

The Brief

The brief was split in to 2 stages: a board game and a video game. The aim for the project was to introduce us to the language, principles and skills required for designing games. We will learn how to analyse users' needs and define user experience through design principles, which will in turn, be applied a new game design. By demonstrating the ability to research, generating ideas, illustrating and prototyping, we will create a unique game.

The Solution

From doing initial research we got a feel for game mechanics and could then work towards idea generation. Through lots if iterations, we got to our final game: That's A Wrap, a Hollywood themed improvisation game based on films. Firstly, we created a board game. For the board game, we incorporated the concept from Pictionary, yet combined it with audio elements as well as visual. The outcome really worked well, we allowed for a range of player abilities when playing, as well as allowing for expansion on the game through additional film genre packs. The video game was based on the board game, but incorporated a more strategic presence. It featured 3 levels based on film genre’s: Space, Horror and Animation. Working with Gamesalad, which none of us had used before, was quite difficult, but the end product was a really appealing game with 3 levels and a multiplayer feature.

My Roles
Initially, we all worked as a team to come up with ideas and worked together on the initial visuals for the board game. I took on the design of the character for the game which was then transformed in to 3 other characters and it’s look was changed based on film genres. Additionally, I took a lead on designing the rules for the board game. This was quite a difficult task because the rules had many iterations, so the design had to keep being altered.I took a lead on designing the animation level and the outcome was appealing. By using recognisable characters and features, it added a sense of nostalgia to the level which users would appreciate. Once the animation level was designed, rather than spending time on creating the level into a game, as it was the same concept as the Space level, I created it as an After Effects video.

The Document

Click the button below to view the document created for this project. The document shows the full process from researching & idea generation, all the way through to the level design and game creation.

Animation Level - Gameplay Demo